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Socially-Distanced Ride?
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I recognize that COVID-19 is a real risk, and I would never ask anyone to jeopardize their own health.

That said, I just came back from riding up the West Coast, doing 3 days up the 1 and 101 from the Central Coast of California after visiting the folks. A few things I learned:
1) Riding is still as safe as it was before.
2) It's somewhat reassuring to be out in the world and see so many more masks than I did just a month ago.
3) Riding in a group is still really fun.
4) Riding in a group, even with a Starbucks Stop, can be done safely.
5) I have a LOT to learn and develop, WRT my own riding skills.
6) This weather is too good to miss out on, let alone to not share.

I have only 3k miles on my RT, and I haven't had a chance to participate in a sanctioned WSBMWR Ride yet.

Is there any interest in an 'informal' day ride around the Olympics or Cascades? Maybe just a loop with some designated jumping on/off points? Nothing serious... just enough to get the grease flowing. I would fully expect everyone's voice to go hoarse as we talk at each-other 6+ feet away... like so many other things I've been told I'm much prettier at a distance, anyhow.
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