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Olympic Peninsula this week?
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Great day yesterday. Dan on his awesome KTM, me on my homebuilt Rally Raid Honda.

Dan and I will be meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) at the park 'n ride just off highway 104, at the Center Road intersection (the road that takes you to either Quilcene or Chimacum).

Meeting GPS coordinates: 47.9226462,-122.8138816

From there we'll head down to Quilcene and then take some dirt roads to Sequim. If there's time, we'll head up to Obstruction Point.

We should be there around 9:15-9:30am, anyone reading this is more than welcome to join us.

Wednesday, if that’s OK.

I’ve sent you a couple of emails. Once we figure out the details, I’ll post here. In case anyone else wants to join us.
East side, so you don't have to cross that busy lane of traffic to head further west.

Got that kitchen pass. Which day you wanna go?

Sounds good.

I'm assuming you're talking about the parking lot on the west/Quilcene side of the Hood Canal bridge?
Eric, I might be able to get a kitchen pass for either tomorrow or Thursday. I'd be up for any of the gravel road rides over there. I would probably just meet you at the Hood Canal Bridge park and ride lot. Just past the stop light on the left. Easy meetup.

Let me run it past the Task Manager and get back to you later today.

Vr, Dan

Congrats on the forks: Enjoy the workout/tuning session.

*sunny into Thursday; dry through next Wednesday -> #SWOON#
Sorry Chris, noon is a little late and my weekends are spoken for. So I'm probably going to take the Honda on the Quilcene to Sequim trail tomorrow or Thursday, depending if I get any responses.

I've just updated the fork springs and rear suspension on my Honda, did all of the work myself, and the new springs are probably settled in enough for me to dial things in a little further. Seeing I did the work myself... I'd like to see how the bike handles on an easier trail that's close to civilization. :)

Rain check...

How is _this_ the ONE WEEK I have every day scheduled out, 3 weeks in advance!?!

The RT and I can only come out to play from Bremerton after 12pm on Thursday, if you have a loop planned.

I'm not thinking it would be as much fun, but I'm also open for a ride this weekend, providing I get my chores done in time.
The weather’s going to be nice all week, so I was thinking it would be a good excuse for a gravel ride from Quilcene to Sequim, followed by a visit to Obstruction Point if there’s time.

’ll be on my Rally Raid upgraded Honda CB500X. Nothing life threatening except oncoming Subaru and big pickup pilots.

Or my second choice would be on my RT for a day out on the roads of the OP.

I live in West Seattle, and usually take a 9:10 ferry that gets me into Southworth before 10am. I prefer going west because of the ongoing WS Bridge debacle.

Anyone interested?
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