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Several of us rode to Leavenworth for lunch yesterday. Road work going east and an accident going west made the trip so so. The clear parts were great. In town the parallel parking on the main street was blocked off for painting of the car partition little "Tees". The lower main street area was blocked off for tables for the vendors. The side streets were blocked off for cafe tables and general keep out, locals only. So, car parking was full except for the large dirt lot about half a mile west in town and a paid parking lot north of middle of town. Thus most motorcycles were looking for nooks to park. The usual corners where cars could not fit at the end of parking stretches were used. Illegal technically but in reality I did not see any bike blocking cars, driveways or walkers. The town has hired a company to enforce parking. I suspect half the ticket goes to them the other to town, much like the traffic cameras for red lights. Well several of our group got parking tickets. I walked up on my bike as it was being written up. Figured they started and I was done. To my surprise, one of the parking enforcement folks asked if it was my bike. I said yes, he said if I move it we are done here. Well okay! Not what I expected. I was just going to put some Munchen Haus big bob's in my ice cooler to take home for dinner and go back to visit with my buddies. But I geared up and went to move the bike. Got up to the main road and said to myself, they don't want me here. I just went home. A sad ending. Not sure I will spend my money each Christmas there in a hotel anymore or drive over with the wife and goof around for a day as we usually do once and awhile. And certainly will not do any motorcycle trips there as a destination. Even makes me think about the rally in Cashmere. I suggest any motorcycle folks going to Leavenworth take one car spot per bike from now on. A little bitter, yes.
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