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After Meeting Ride 05/06/18
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Congratulations to Lee Spurlock for designing and leading an EXCELLENT After-Meeting ride on Sunday! Out of a meeting attendance of about 30 people, 14 members on 13 bikes participated in the ride, which departed Cottesmore at 10:20am. Lee's route took us through Purdy and out west of the Shelton area through the "remote" town of Matlock (second rest stop), then on to Montesano for lunch at the Beehive Restaurant (many had pie a la mode and coffee; a few of us had a real lunch: good food!). See map of the route attached below.

I was really impressed with Lee's route design, in that it avoided the city of Shelton completely, where we've had issues in the past keeping the group together through all the lights. During the entire ride, the group of 13 bikes was never broken up by a traffic light; in fact, we only hit two red lights on the entire ride! The traffic challenges of the day were few, mostly getting the group onto or across US-101 a couple of times, but everyone did it safely. Lee also had 3 or 4 preplanned re-group points during the ride to make sure we hadn't lost anyone. I was riding Sweep for him, and I have to say, this was a fine bunch of group riders: lane positioning and spacing were near-perfect all day!

Returning from Montesano, Lee took us along the highly entertaining Satsop-Cloquallum Rd. and Highland Rd., both new to me. After crossing 101 eastbound, the route took us along the north shore of Mason Lake, a very beautiful area. After rejoining SR-106, the ride ended at the Starbucks in Belfair at about 4pm. The remaining 8 of us enjoyed coffee, frappuccinos and pastries while re-living a great day of riding in a mostly new area (and not a drop of rain!).

This was the second After-Meeting Ride that Lee has led since volunteering to take over South-end Ride Leader duties from me back in February. I know how much work it is to plan, pre-ride, verify, publish and safely lead a group ride, and Lee is definitely up to the task! I give his ride yesterday an A+, and look forward to joining him on many more!

Doug B.
Sorry I'll miss this! Looks like a grand romp.
I'm currently in San Antonio visiting my daughter. Rode the R1100S down last week; western was . . . Ummm. . . Not perfect!

Everybody get registered for this year's CCR!

I finally finished and checked the ride for 05/06/18. I had SEVERAL bugs in this thing so I hope they're all fixed now. There wasn't anything that would get anyone lost but it wanted me to make a couple U-turns for no apparent reason and I dropped one point off in the wilderness instead of on a paved road so that was a problem. I think it's all fixed.

We start at Cottsmore and head north on Hwy 16 for a few miles and turn left at Purdy to head out to Shelton. The first part of the ride a lot of people have been through multiple times. It's a bit uneventful until Matlock. We can stop for lunch in Montesano at the Beehive or a couple other places (Subway and a Mexican restaurant) at Main and Pioneer. After lunch the roads are much more interesting from Montesano to Belfair. Ride end point is Starbucks, of course.

Sorry I got on this so late. Retirement is much more busy than I expected. I have both GPS route and tracks that I will upload to the website.
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