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Alaska Summer 2019
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Thanks Duane. From all that I have read which is everything I can find the best time is late May to mid June. I am pretty open to just about any planning. I have given a lot of thought to taking an Alaska Ferry from Bellingham to Skagway and riding for the remainder. I plan to be gone 3-4 weeks. If anyone shows any interest just have them contact me through the forum or my phone at 509-202-0064. I live in Spokane.

Better to work on your Route 66 ride, that highway is slowly going away!

Thanks again

Hi Dennis,
CoPresident Duane here. I will mention tour Alaskan trip plans at the Oct 7 meeting in Gig Harbor. Do you have any dates picked out? Sound like a heck of a trip. I wish I could join you but  I'll be finishing Route 66 this next summer so it's all good.

"This here's Serenity, and she's the smoothest ride from here to Boros for anyone that can pay"
Thanks Dan, good idea. Only problem is I am in Spokane. If there is any chance you could mention it for me I would appreciate it. If you have any other ideas I would appreciate hearing them. I will go solo if thats the way it works out, but as you know its more fun and much safer with a riding partner.
Sounds like a great ride, Dennis. Seems like there oughta be someone out here who'd be interested in a trip to Alaska.

I'd suggest mentioning your plans at a couple of our winter meetings; that might help get folks thinking about heading north next summer.

I will be riding to Alaska in summer 2019, for 3-4 weeks. If you would be interested in coming along let me know. My general plan is an Alaskan Ferry from Bellingham to Skagway and on the road from that point. Im open to changes in my plan.
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