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After-Meeting Ride - October 7, 2018 (depending on...
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This will be a GREAT ride! The Hood Canal should be a little less busy after Labor Day, and of course the Kitsap Peninsula is always THE BEST. (Though I might possibly be a little prejudiced here . . . ).

Having said that, I'll not be joining y'all. Working this weekend, so as you're riding by Apex Road coming into Silverdale, wave to me; I'll be on the MSF range about a mile up that road.

And for those of you who enjoy fine spirits for your post ride libation, know that the Hardware Distillery in Hoodsport is open 12-5 on Sunday. They make some mighty fine sipping stuff out of mead and fruit. Sounds terrible, tastes fabulous. But make sure you wait until you hang up your keys at home before laying into that stuff! My current fave is the "Bee's Knees Merry Cherry." Oh so smoooooth.
I have uploaded the route (RTE) and track (TRK) files for an after-meeting ride planned for this weekend, October 7th, 2018. We won't be doing this unless the weather is acceptable because the ride will take a little over 5 hours which includes a couple short rest stops, a fuel stop in Belfair on the way to Dewatto and a lunch break. This is 181 miles. If you would like to go out for a couple hours but can't do the entire ride or you want to get home so that you can watch the Rams beat the Seahawks there is a break-away spot at Silverdale where people can cut the ride off after 2 hours, get on Highway 3 and head for home. Those who continue will ride north on Highway 3 and over to Highway 101 then travel south along the western side of Hood Canal. We can stop either in Brinnon or Hoodsport for lunch. Early October is about the latest in the year to ride through Dewatto since wet, slippery leaves will soon be blanketing the road.

I rode this route yesterday to verify the file was good and the roads were in good shape. No problems anywhere. My GPS didn't tell me to make a U-turn or leave the roadway anywhere so this one seems pretty good. We ride through Dewatto and over to Seabeck a lot but I love that ride and this is about the last time we'll be able to do it this year. The leaves are starting to fall on the road down through there but it's still fine unless the trees all shed their leaves between yesterday afternoon and Sunday.

The weather had looked like it would be ok on Sunday when I was checking earlier in the week but right now it's looking like rain. I may try to put together a much shorter ride or just cancel the after-meeting ride if it's going to be raining hard. Maybe I'll go home and watch the Rams beat the Seahawks.
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