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Rain Ride 2020
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Great promo, Beech, but let's call it by its real name, the "Rain Run". The Rain Run was created in 1993 by Paul Tollefson and Russ Darr. The first Rain Run had just four participants: Paul, Russ, Meg and I. Certainly has grown since then, because it's a great ride!

The traditional RR photos from Rain Run 1 (1993) and Rain Run 8 (2000) on the coast west of Tillamook.  The driftwood log eventually got swept away. Now we do Sunset Surf parking lot shots! 

Just wanted to talk up the rain ride coming in April, been there about 15 times but it's the opener. Take the south road out of the round about on the west side of town towards Jewel. Take 202 on the round about leaving town to the west. It is the south road not the bridge. it goes to 103 and 26. You can continue on 26 to the coast for a nice view of the ocean. Or take 53 about ten miles west. The road is rough and twisty. Be careful of pot holes in corners!!! I used to like it but lately it is pretty rough. Both of these roads have a few locals who think their beater trucks are Formula 1 material, be aware.
Beautiful to take the morning walk on the beach or just north on the paved road. Wanda's in Nehalem is a good breakfast no matter what Tina says. The local store is good but I have never had good luck with their sandwiches I always forget and order the bagel for bread, it sucks. The local Mex place and the tavern are my choices for dinners. If the weather is okay I'm thinking about a 6 hour round trip to Salem for an Inn & Out burger with secret menu stuff and a tee shirt but I have to be pushed for this, like with sunshine. Hope to see some new faces for the ride. Several places in town to stay. I suspect the Surf is filling up by now. If you have a cover for your bike bring it. Evening parties in the party room over the office. Bring a little stuff to snack on maybe even drink.
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