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Lake Wynoochie Trail Ride
Eric Bell
Testing the water to see if there’s any interest in a midweek trail ride next week, pretty much any day except Friday.

Is there anyone up for a ride to Lake Wynoochie from Skokomish? It’s not too difficult - I rode this a few years ago on a DR-Z400 with a buddy on a 1200GS. The total distance is just over 100 miles, there are bailouts along the way.

For those that don’t know me, I’m not a ride leader in any way, shape or form. This is not a club sanctioned ride, so you’ll be responsible for your own personal responsibility. :). And you’ll probably end up getting lost if you follow me too closely.

I can be at the Skokomish Shell station around 9:30am to meet anyone that’s interested - on the 0740 ferry from Fauntleroy. Don’t forget to bring a sandwich with you.
Hmmm. Might be a plan . . .

I'll contact you off line.

For anyone interested, Eric and I explored portions of the NE corner of the Olympics last week. I'm thinking it might be time to look toward the southern portions of the range.
Matt Zeitz
Sounds like fun! I might be able to tag along, depending on the day - I have commitments on Wednesday but might be able to go Tuesday or Thursday. Let me know what you decide.
Eric Bell
Hi Matt,

Sorry to say that my commitments filled up the week, and will be going on Wednesday.
Matt Zeitz
Roger that, maybe next time. Have fun!
Eric Bell
This ride is a go, so in case anyone calls an audible and makes a last minute decision...

Three of us will be at the Skokomish Shell station at approx. 0930 on Wednesday morning.
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